Pediatric dentists understand the common phobia that many children face when it comes to a dental visit. The use of Nitrous Oxide Sedation, which is also known as Laughing Gas, helps the child feel more relaxed, leading to a positive experience for them to remember and understand that there is no need to fear seeing any dentist.

Our Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Anila Virani, explains the major concerns that most parents worry about when deciding whether or not it’s the best option to proceed with for their child’s experience.

Nitrous oxide sedation or the ‘laughing gas’ that we commonly use for children for dentophobia.

What is Nitrous Oxide Sedation?
Now nitrous oxide sedation what it does is, it involves a little small nasal hood, which is kept on the child’s nose whilst the procedure is going on. The child gets to choose its own respective flavors so that the child can have an easy free, enjoyable, flavorsome feel during the procedure. During this process, the child may feel sleepy, relaxed, a bit lethargic during the procedure but that does not mean the child is going to sleep. They just give that feeling of little comfort so that the procedure can be carried out safely.

Is Nitrous Oxide Sedation Safe Method?
It’s a very safe and effective method used in dentistry which has been practiced for years and years. The parents do not need to worry about it at all as the oxygen level of the child is being monitored by a special device at all times and besides that, the constant responsiveness of the child is being monitored by the dental team, and the constant communication between the dentist and the child.

Do You Recommend Nitrous Oxide Sedation Method?
So as a pediatric dentist, I not only believe in the best oral health care of the child, but I genuinely feel that the overall well-being and mental health is equally important and that’s why nitrous oxide sedation comes in hand where we can help bring that ease in the child to have a relaxed, happy environment and we welcome you all at #MicrisDentalClinic where we believe in prioritizing safe procedures and giving you a happy, healthy, positive smile.

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