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In this video, Amber Darst, our Dental Insurance Coordinator, discusses the use of CDT, CPT and ICD 10 for dental coding.

Many dental practices rely on outsourced dental billing services to manage their revenue cycle. Assigning the right codes to report various dental procedures for reimbursement purposes can be a challenge. A reliable dental billing company would ensure accurate coding to support the clinical documentation.

Each medical code set has a different purpose and each payer has their own rules for claim submission using these codes. Certified coders have a proper understanding of the various CDT, CPT and ICD dental code sets and when to use them.

The video discusses how CDT, CPT and ICD codes are used in dental practices.

Key Points in the Video:

00:34 – CDT codes
01:47 – ICD-10 Codes
02:24 – Coding for dental treatments
03:44 – Examples of dental procedures that can be billed to medical insurance
04:38 – Billing medical insurance for dental procedure

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