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MUST READS FOR VALUE INVESTORS – I don’t want to make a course because these books are better than any course. I prefer to listen to them through audible. Here are the links to the books and audiobooks.

Great For Beginners

Invested – Danielle Town and Phil Town (Great introduction to value investing)

Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki (Mindset and Motivation)

The Barefoot Investor – Scott Pape (Day to Day Financial Planning)

One Up On Wall Street – Peter Lynch (Full of Gold)

Great For Getting Deeper into Investing.

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing – Jack C. Bogle (Index Strategy)

The Little Book The STILL Beats the Market – Joel Greenblatt (Simple Strategy)

The Acquirer’s Multiple – Tobias E Carlisle (Simple Strategy)

The Dhandho Investor – Mohnish Pabrai (My Favorite Investor)

100 Baggers – Christopher Mayer (My Favorite Book)

The Education of a Value Investor – Guy Spier (Advanced Mindset for Serious Investors)

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Today I’m going to do something I haven’t done before, and that is comparing four big companies against each other.
JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo.
I’ll tell you whether it is a good idea to invest all of them, none of them or maybe just the best one.

Banks are sometimes considered evil, and over the past there has been some evil people in the banks. But that’s not totally fair on the role banks play, without them the economy wouldn’t be able to expand like it has over the past 150 years. A good banking sector is the cornerstone for a good economy and a prosperous country.

Betting against corporate America I believe is not a smart move.

JP Morgan Chase Stock Analysis
They handled the 2008 crisis the best, remaining profitable throughout. Which set them up over the past 10 years to become the leader of the big 4. Will they be able to do it again? They are still a slow moving giant, but they are most popular bank of the big 4, so that gives them an advantage.
They have already allocated big reserves because they think the next 3-6 months is going to be very tough on business repayments. A smart first step.

Bank of America Stock Analysis
Bank of America nearly didn’t make it through the 2008 financial crisis, but what didn’t kill them made them stronger.
They are now far leaner than they were and have at least acknowledged that the future is high tech, and they are working to integrate AI into the company.
But they are no tech company.
Currently, Bank of America has also allocated big reserves for the likelihood a an big increase in bad debts. Their financials will reveal their strength.

Citigroup Stock Analysis
I think the most interesting recent development is a partnership with google for some online consumer services. It’s a smart play from google to tap into the banking world. Is there a more meaningful partnership coming in the future?
Citigroup have a far more global consumer base than the others which doesn’t mean too much in the current crisis as the whole world is affected.

Wells Fargo Stock Analysis
By far the most criticised of the big 4 banks of late.
In 2017 they were doing some bad things… Staff were making fake accounts, to get bigger bonuses.
And the incentive structure for the employees encouraged this bad behaviour.
But when everything seems to be going bad and the company looks it’s weakest from the outside, it might be an amazing opportunity to invest in a 150 year old bank at it’s lowest. We will need to check the balance sheet carefully.
Like JP Morgan Chase, and Bang of America, Wells Fargo have also allocated big reserves because they think the next 3-6 months is going to be very tough on repayments.

I have general rules about each criteria, and if we stick close to these, we should be safe. So if you are starting out, then these are really solid foundational principals as used by the legendary investors Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett and Bill Ackman.

Well I hope you enjoyed that curve ball. I enjoyed it, it was unexpected. I even found that a little exciting…

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