Precision Oral Surgery is dedicated to ensuring patients are safe and comfortable by offering the option of IV sedation during procedures.
Experience a quicker and less painful surgery with top tier surgeons and nurses.

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Oral Surgeons at Precision:
We are proud to have highly-qualified and experienced doctors in our team such as Dr. Michael Burnham, Dr. Blake Ballenger and Dr. Eric Reimer. They are eager to share their passion for delivering exceptional patient care and providing the ideal experience to the residents of Omaha.


Over 20 years experience placing dental implants
Dental implants have become the preferred option of patients to replace single and multiple teeth. Our team will work together with your restorative dentist to develop a treatment plan that provides you with the best option that fits your needs.

We Provide a Nearly Pain-free Experience
Wisdom teeth or third molars, are the last teeth to normally develop in the adult mouth. Third molars are the four back teeth that generally erupt between the ages of 17 and 21—often angled and not in a functional position. It is not uncommon for there to be limited space for wisdom teeth to erupt and can affect other permanent teeth. When wisdom teeth appear, if there are challenges, brushing and keeping those areas clean can be quite difficult leading to higher incidences of decay and soft tissue infections.

Provided by Providers You Can Trust
There are many reasons why a patient may need a permanent tooth extracted. During eruption of a tooth, if there are challenges, brushing and keeping those areas clean can be quite difficult leading to higher incidences of decay and soft tissue infections. Trauma and disease may also lead to a permanent tooth extraction. Extracting a tooth or teeth is a very common procedure and one that can be done under IV sedation.

We Deliver the Best Possible Outcome
Bone Augmentation, often referred to as bone grafting, is a procedure to replace atrophied or missing bone in the jaw. This procedure is typically needed when the jaw is not suitable to successfully incorporate dental implants. When bone mass is too thin or soft to keep an implant in place, bone augmentation helps the bone fuse to the dental implant and keep it secure. If a dental implant is placed in a jaw when the bone structure is not enough, the likelihood of an implant failing increases.

Helping Patients Achieve a Beautiful Smile
Full mouth reconstruction is a solution that transforms missing, decayed, or cosmetically damaged teeth into a new, fully-functioning, beautiful smile. After a consultation at our office, our doctors will create a custom treatment plan that caters to your specific needs. We will review the treatment plan with you to ensure you leave with a completely new, rebuilt set of teeth at the completion of your treatment.

Treating Diseases and Disorders of the Mouth, Lower Jaw, Head and Neck
Oral pathology is the part of oral & maxillofacial surgery that diagnoses and treats diseases and disorders of the mouth, lower jaw, head, and neck. Your mouth is one of your body’s most important warning systems. Detecting an abnormality early, such as cancer, is key to an easier treatment and successful cure. You are at higher risk for oral cancer if you have any of these risk factors: Alcohol and tobacco use, Human Papilloma Virus 16 (HPV16), Age 40 years and older, Prolonged sun exposure and use of tanning beds, among others.

Ensuring Your Comfort During Your Procedure
During your procedure, you will be under IV sedation. You will likely not feel any pain or experience the feeling of the procedure. Our trained team members will be by your side before, during, and after your procedure to ensure you receive the best care.