What is investment banking? How much do investment bankers earn? What is the history of investment banking?

Look no further, this video contains everything about investment banking for beginners!

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll have learned after watching this investment banking introduction video:

How exactly investment banking works and what makes investment banks different from commercial (regular) banks.

A bit of investment banking history! What preceded investment banks, how they came to be and how big of an impact they’ve had on the American economy.

Which recent events and what kinds of risky actions caused investment banking to earn a bad rap.

How exactly investment banker’s lifestyle looks – is it all expensive suits, dinners and champagne or is there a dark side to it?

How much do investment bankers earn and is investment banking salary worth the stress and the hours an average investment banker puts in on a weekly basis?

We’ll conclude by answering the following questions: What is the future of investment banking and is there a possibility that competitive options will eventually take over investment banks’ business?

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