The key differences between Investment Banking and Commercial Banking (Retail Banking). I explain how investment banks and commercial banks make money, the different types of clients, services, and regulations. I also mention Universal Banks, and how they have an increasing role in the banking industry.

Most of us know what a commercial bank is. Yet few of us understand what an investment bank is. So in this video, I break down the key differences between both and share an insider perspective from my time working in Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs in NYC.

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0:00 -​ Intro
0:26 – Different types of clients
1:32​ – Services Offered by Commercial and Investment Banks
2:51​ – How Commercial Banks make money
4:00​ – How Investment Banks make money
5:51 – Risk & Regulation for Commercial and Investment Banks
7:49 – What are Universal Banks?
9:04 – Closing