To some, smart devices, technology, and the internet of things is an exciting world with a promising future. Yet to others, it is scary and invasive. One thing is for sure it is not going away and we need to know how to navigate this growing field to embrace technology and still protect our information, privacy, and our identity.

Interpretation for TEDxSalem V (2018) was provided by student interns through a collaboration between Western Oregon University, TEDxSalem, and the Deaf and interpreting communities of Oregon. The volunteer student interpreters were supported by volunteer, certified interpreters in order to minimize potential errors. Your support of these pre-professional interpreters’ growing skills is appreciated. Rose Barker, Certified Risk Management Consultant, is an expert on identity theft. She speaks at businesses and human resource organizations along the West Coast, sharing information on how to protect companies, employees, and their families from the threat of identity theft and data breaches.

Rose is a Salem, Oregon native and avidly supports fostering local community. She is both an entrepreneur herself and Board President of MERIT, a non-profit that empowers people to lift themselves out of poverty through financial education and entrepreneurship.
Though based out of Salem, Rose also loves serving the international community. She has spent several years in Latin America on more than 20 international trips.
When she’s not helping businesses and employees, you can find Rose gardening, cycling, swimming across the Willamette River, volunteering, and playing with her adorable dog, Foxy. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at