Inflation and cash flow have been fighting against each other for decades. As soon as you increase the rent on an income property, inflation comes right in to eat some of that gain. So in today’s borderline hyperinflationary environment, is cash flow still coming out on top? A better question to ask may be, what happens in five, ten, or twenty years? Will inflation completely erode your financial freedom dreams? Or will cash flow match (or beat) this destructive force.

This isn’t just a question that impacts real estate investors—it affects almost every individual working within today’s economy. In today’s episode of Seeing Greene, David goes deep into this question (and others) so you, the investors, can have a better understanding of our economy as a whole. You’ll also hear topics like whether or not you can transfer title on an FHA loan, what to do when bidding wars push prices well above market comparables, when to cosign and when to ask for a cosigner, and what every investor in their twenties should start doing today.

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What Every Investor Should Understand About Inflation:

What Every Investor Should Understand About Inflation

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How to Get Into Real Estate in Your 20s

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Episode 594

Show notes at:

00:00 Intro
02:13 Quick Tip
03:02 Inflation’s Impact on Cash Flow
09:17 Can You Transfer Title on FHA?
12:35 What to Look for in a Loan Officer
17:25 Bidding $200k Over Asking & Appreciation Factors
25:31 Why Aren’t You Subscribed Yet?
28:11 Cosigning on a House Hack
31:31 Conventional Financing Complications
38:00 How to Break Into Expensive Markets
44:22 Advice for a 20-Year Old Investor
51:43 Ask Questions and Stay Educated!