If you’re thinking about setting up an “infinite banking” policy for investing in real estate, you definitely want to watch this video. It’s important to understand that Real Estate Investors need a Maximum Over-funded policy to maximize the benefit of The Double Play. This means that you get the highest percentage of cash value for every dollar of premium. The costs need to be minimized.

It’s also important to understand that “Infinite Banking Concept“, “Be Your Own Bank“, “Bank on Yourself” and other Life Insurance marketing systems simply utilize Over-funded Cash Value Life Insurance. These are not MAXIMUM over-funded policy designs.

Watch to learn why you NEED a maximum over-funded policy design for real estate investing and how to properly design a product for leveraging into real estate.

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Download the slide deck used in this video: https://bit.ly/3hvsZd8

Website: https://innovativeretirementstrategies.com/resources/life-insurance-and-real-estate-investing/

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* eBook: This Policy Design Mistake Could Cost You Thou$ands: https://bit.ly/2xWdqHU

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