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An Infographic video highlighting recent achievements and financial deals planned for the first quarter of 2016.

An American multinational financial services corporation; Mastercard dominates a global footprint in the consumer market for its easier, faster, and secured card payment solution.

We blazed new trails in the first quarter of 2016. We secured the largest private banking portfolio in Saudi Arabia – will emit cards with National Commercial Bank launched world’s elite with Abu Dhabi commercial bank and world citizen credit cards in South Africa with standard Bank. We also signed a five-year deal with the National Bank of Kuwait in Egypt and a similar deal with a boobie on banking Kuwait to increase our credit share by up to 25% as well as five-year renewal deals with Saudi Rolonda Bank and National Bank of Oman. Our drive for financial inclusion in Nigeria’s song new heights as we signed a global MoU with un women to empower more than path and million women and we inked our first-ever MoU with a central bank with the Saudi Arabian monetary agency to collaborate on project Auckland for the electronification of the Hajj through a partnership with McDonald’s. South Africans can now enjoy fast food even faster with a master pass and contactless and advisors will bring extra value as part of our leading but services strategy also in South Africa more than 2,000 eco car merchants will accept the master pass. This is the first time. It’s rolled out in a face to face retail environment and our innovation continues with Ahli bank issuing the country’s first contactless titanium cards in Qatar. Meanwhile, in Kenya, we partnered with Kenya commercial bank and go Swift to launch over 200 mobile point-of-sale terminals,s and finally in West Africa five MasterCard prepaid programs were launched in Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, leisure and Senegal let’s keep the momentum going.