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“- What’s changing in, talk to me about the Google algorithm, what’s changing in it? And also, on top of that, is Facebook going to go to search? And when they do, what will the game look like?

– So I’ll answer the second one first. Facebook has already tried to go to search, and they haven’t done well with it. People don’t know Facebook for search, but they do search within Instagram or Facebook, but it’s not a popular feature compared to people just looking at their walls. So, search, yes, they do a search, but they’re not going to do a search as Google will. What’s changing on Google is you already know everyone’s using these mobile devices, but because of that, speed really matters, how fast your website loads. And because there are so many sites competing for the same keywords now, Google’s not just looking at algorithms like whose code is better, or who has a faster loading site, they’re looking at which site solves the problems for the users better than other ones. So looking at user experience, or people clicking the back button, going to the next listing because they couldn’t find what they’re looking for, so they’re really trying to go above and beyond to satisfy the user. So it’s not just about “pleasing Google” in marketing, it’s about pleasing the user first.”

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————– CHAPTERS ————-

0:00 Intro
0:10 What’s changing in the Google algorithm? is Facebook going to go to search?
0:47 Speed really matters
1:00 Which site solves the problems for the users
1:15 The Daily Dealmaker


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