See how we got a $350K Settlement after a car hit a bike rider. You’ll see how I calculated the settlement amount. Find out how we got GEICO to pay us $350K in under 11 months!

Sam had a broken ankle (trimalleolar fracture) and had 2 surgeries.*

You’ll hear about GEICO’s lowball first offer. You’ll also see how much he got in his pocket after my lawyer fees, costs, and paying back Medicaid.

I explain how much of the settlement was for pain and suffering vs. medical bills.

* Per my client’s request, I didn’t use his real name.

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Parts of the video:

Intro 0:00
0:32 Traffic ticket doesn’t guarantee payout
0:48 You can see Sam’s broken ankle
2:36 How the 911 call helped get a big settlement
3:11 Ask the driver to preserve their car
4:28 Sam’s 2nd ankle surgery (hardware removal)
5:06 Doctors didn’t know what was causing pain
6:26 How much the medical bills were
6:45 GEICO’s first settlement offer in this claim
6:57 Value of trimalleolar ankle fracture
7:53 How I calculated settlement value
9:08 We settled for $350K with GEICO at mediation
9:27 First offer vs Settlement Comparison
9:35 Pain and suffering vs Medical Bills Breakdown
9:50 How much Sam got in his pocket after fees

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