The Waldent Lotus Airotor handpiece, a pinnacle of innovation in dental practice. This state-of-the-art tool is designed to elevate your dental procedures with its blend of precisionengineering and user-centric Features.

Design and Build:
The Waldent Lotus Airotor features a scratch-resistant exterior that not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also ensures a reliable and comfortable grip during use.
Chuck System:Facilitating seamless bur installation, the chuck system incorporates a secure screw locking mechanism, providing stability and enabling rapid, accurate bur removal for optimized workflow efficiency.

Connection and Compatibility:
Engineered for durability, the handpiece is equipped with a Borden 2-hole connection, ensuring a tight and secure fit with dental units. This design allows effortless switching of handpiece attachments, enhancing operational precision and ease.

Water Spray System
Efficient cooling during procedures is ensured by a single water spray system, contributing to patient comfort and procedural efficiency.

Advanced Anti-Suction Head System:
The Waldent Lotus Airotor is equipped with an advanced anti-suction feature designed to prevent the backflow of debris, fluids, and microorganisms during dental procedures, maintaining a clean and hygienic operating environment.


Standard Head: Designed for general dental procedures, offering balance and versatility
● Head Type: Standard, reflecting a widely accepted design.
● Dimensions: head diameter 11.2mm and height 13.14mm,
● Rotational Speed: it rotates at 380,000 to 450,000 RPM,
● Bur Compatibility:19 & 21mm Standard FG bur.

Super Torque
Super Torque Head: Delivers increased power, perfect for demanding procedures requiring extra torque
● Head Type: Classified as Super Torque, indicating enhanced power and performance.
● Dimensions: head diameter of 12.9mm and a height of 12.21mm.
● Rotating Speed: it rotates at 380,000 to 450,000 RPM.
● Bur Compatibility: 19 & 21mm standard FG Bur

Mini Head: Ideal for pediatric dentistry or working with less mouth opening, ensuring better visibility and access.
● Dimensions: Compact design with a head diameter and height both measuring 10mm,
ensuring ease of handling and maneuverability..
● Rotating Speed: Operates at an impressive range of 380,000 to 450,000 RPM,
● Bur Compatibility: 16 mm short shank bur .

For optimal performance and longevity, proper maintenance is crucial. After use, clean the handpiece by brushing away dirt and using an alcohol-soaked cloth. Detach from the dental unit tubing and apply Waldent Unispray for lubrication. The handpiece is autoclavable up to 135℃,
ensuring thorough sterilization.

Lubrication Procedure:
Hold the handpiece upright, insert the nozzle into the base, and spray Waldent Unispray for 1-2 seconds onto a tissue covering the head. Continue spraying until excess oil runs clean, then wipe off any remaining surface oil with a dry tissue.

Sterilization Process: After cleaning, place the handpiece into a Waldent self-sealing sterilization pouch and seal it securely. Autoclave at temperatures up to 135℃ for complete sterilization, ensuring compliance with rigorous infection control standards.

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