How To Trick The Google Algorithm With CTR Manipulation

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How does Google search work? Google search works by using complex, billion dollar algorithms to categorize all (or most of) of the information on the internet, and then present searchers with the information most relevant to their query.

Desipte the billions of dollars Google spends on updates to their search algorithms, its still incredibly easy to beat the algorithm as we move into 2022. The craziest part is, it only takes a few bucks for anybody to get these same results. Especially here on YouTube. As you can see, I even outranked GOOGLE itself!

CTR manipulation works on most types of web properties, including websites, Google My Business (GMB) listings, and even social media accounts. The reason click through rate manipulation works so well with video is because video content (and marketing) is becoming increasingly popular, as the world spends more and more time on internet-connected devices. Since YouTube is owned by Google, doing click through rate manipulation on YouTube can also boost your websites rank (if done properly.)

The reason ctr manipulation works so well is because engagement is the #1 ranking factor in 2022. Despite what anyone tells you about keywords, links, bots, or any other sworn SEO secret… Assuming you start with decent content, consistent engagement from REAL internet users is the number one seo ranking factor in 2022.

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