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Today, we are talking about anterior tooth fractures. These fractures can occur in many different ways, shapes & forms. Some individuals fracture their teeth when playing sports, falling down or simply biting onto a hard object. When repairing fractures, dentists need to focus at the extent of damage. Minor fractures can be fixed with a natural tooth colored filling. Major fractures typically involve the dentin or nerve of the tooth. Patients with these fractures may need root canal therapy followed by a crown, a simple composite filling, or an extraction followed by a partial denture or implant. The most important thing to do is call your dentist and schedule an appointment so that they can look at the tooth and determine the extent, severity & health of the tooth. X-rays will allow the dentist to look under the gums to see whether the roots are involved or if the fracture is extensive.

Case Presentation
The first case involves a a tooth fracture with a boy playing basketball with his friends. The basketball hit the child in the front portion of his face. This type of fracture is superficial even though it involves the dentin/enamel of the tooth. However, we were able to repair the tooth with a simple composite filling.

The next patient comes to our practice with a single tooth simple fracture. She was chewing on something very hard & chipped a piece of her tooth. There are two options to repair these types of fractures. The first option is to smoothen out the edges & create a flush surface to the tooth. The second method is to add a composite filling to the tooth & realign the teeth with the natural arch. We decided to use composite to match the color to the adjacent teeth.

The final case involves a patient that comes into our practice after a sports related injury. The tooth it is broken in half, yet surprisingly the tooth was still healthy & the patient did not present with any sensitivity or pain. We decided to go ahead with a crown preparation. Dental crowns are needed in order to establish mechanical retention for a longer lasting restoration. We decided on a custom shade which matched the adjacent teeth perfectly.

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