Since the Covid Crisis, incredible record amounts of new money are coming to Switzerland. Since the Ukraine war even more. Investors from Hong Kong, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Poland, call me every day. Since the Ukraine war, some fear an invasion from Russia or China, others fear unpredictable inflation and rapacious tax authorities.

They all ask for a Swiss bank account, a second passport and a golden visa. The world has become more insecure. If you are investing your money in Switzerland as a foreigner, you are not alone. 30% of all offshore money in the world is invested with Swiss banks. All these offshore investors owning so much money can’t be wrong. Switzerland is a safe-haven country number one.

You can choose among 286 Swiss banks and 2,500 independent asset managers. Which Swiss banks are safe? What is the best Swiss private bank for me? It’s simply too much to handle for a non-resident investor. Making the right choice is difficult if not impossible. Here I come into play. In this video, I will show you how to invest in Switzerland as a foreigner, but successfully and super safe. I will show you a tested and proven way to do it. I already have hundreds of happy clients who became successful investors in Switzerland with me. Bring your money out of your country before your country will take it out of you.


00:00 Intro
02:21 Remember: Time, not timing, is what matters
05:13 How to protect the purchasing power of your money?
05:30 The most common investment opportunities in Switzerland
06:34 The banker is not your friend
06:58 How to buy gold and silver for investment purposes?
08:11 What is an investment fund?
09:03 Are direct investments outperforming indirect investments?
09:53 Funds are known for hidden fees
10:12 How to buy Swiss stocks?
11:53 What is a buy and hold strategy?
12:04 Are bonds a good investment in 2022?
12:53 How to buy ETFs in Switzerland?
13:03 What is an ETF in Stocks?
14:04 How to buy real estate in Switzerland as a foreigner?
15:15 How to invest in crypto-currencies?
18:05 How to invest money in Switzerland as a foreigner?
18:05 How to tell if a bank is safe?
20:01 What is the minimum balance to open a Swiss bank account?
20:41 External asset manager vs Swiss bank, who delivers better results

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