– More Information: Here are some questions you should ask a lawyer before you hire them for your car accident case:

1) Does the lawyer only accept personal injury cases or do they practice other types of law as well? Ask them how many car accident cases they have handled.

2) Has the lawyer tried a case before? And, if so how many? Are they willing to take a case to trial?

3) What is the lawyers reputation in the community? A couple of ways to check this is by going to to see how they rate. The highest AVVO rating is 10.0. Also, go to which is a website where other lawyers and judges rate their peers on their legal ability as well as their ethics. You should be looking for the highest rating which is an AV rating.

4) Has the lawyer published any books, reports and/or videos? Do they offer information that demonstrates their knowledge of the law and their experience at practicing the law, especially for your particular case?