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Here is something I wrote about hiring a car accident injury lawyer.
Hiring the right lawyer will make or break your recovery. But when you are facing a barrage of marketing as lawyers spend countless dollars to win your business, how do you make the right choice? The only way to make the right decision is to speak with your options. Meeting the right lawyer for you might mean not hiring any lawyer. After all, hiring a lawyer isn’t right for every situation. This is especially true when dealing with a personal injury after a car accident, motorcycle crash, Uber or Lyft rideshare accident, or any other roadway traffic collision scenario.

Be careful before you hire a law office to handle your automobile accident injury claim. Your circumstances should be closely analyzed to determine if a lawyer is the right decision for your overall well-being. Some questions you need answered include:

1) Can I use my own health insurance for an auto accident?
2) Should I settle my case directly with the adjuster?
3) What are my options for disability payments while I am recovering from my surgery?
4) Will this conflict with my Medicare and Social Security Benefits?
5) What about pain and suffering?

If you have these questions or similar concerns, we should definitely talk. Give me a call and I would be happy to discuss your situation.

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