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Atleast, one relative of yours might’ve told you… ‘Get a job in a Bank beta. After that, your life is set!’
Or you might be really interested in working in a Customer facing role. Whatever be your reason for your interest in the banking sector, in today’s video we are going to see…
a)     How to apply for a Bank Role? (PSU, PSB, Private Banks, SBI, Canara Bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank etc…)
b)    The Selection Process (which includes the exams you need to give and the kind of questions you’ll be asked in the bank interview.)
c)     Salary Structure and perks of being a Bank Officer
d)    And what will be your responsibilities once you become a Bank Officer.
And to help us understand this better, we have 2 guests with us today. Our first guest is Sai Krishna, who is a Bank Manager at SBI. Sai did his Engineering from Guru Nanak institute of Technology and Masters from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU). He even worked at an IT organisation in Bengalauru, before pursuing Banking.
Our second guest is Yashaswi Khurana, who is a Bank Officer at Canara Bank. He learnt hotel management from AIHM Chandigarh, in 2016, after which he did an internship at Westin Gurgaon. But after persuasion from his parents, he started applying for bank jobs and has been with Canara Bank since July 2019.
While Yash was explaining me the bank application process over phone, his colleague sitting next to him, whispered … ‘Kyu kisi aur ki zindagi barbaad kar raha hai?.’…. which loosely translates to, ‘Don’t waste somebody else’s life by encouraging them to apply for this job.’
Was it just fun office banter, or is a bank officer role really hectic and demanding? Let’s find out.
But before that, you know that in a bank interview, or any interview you give… you will have be asked some behavioural/HR questions like… Tell me About yourself, … tell me about your strengths and weakness, why is there a gap in your employment … Which is why we’ve created this Interview Preparation Course which has 14 Videos, Quizzes and Sample Answers to help you prepare for the most-asked behavioural questions. You can access them on our website,  I’ll tell you more about it in the video.
Now without further ado, let’s talk to both Sai Krishna and Yash.

I hope you like this new Career Spotlight Series.

Comment below and let us know what other professions you’d like us to include in this new Interview-style Career Spotlight series.

Happy Learning! 🙂

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