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About this video: What’s up you guys! I have previously created an entire Google Ads playlist based around eCommerce for you guys to watch. Every single eCom video I make is either about Google Shopping ads or Google Search ads. There are many videos I’ve done that can help scale your eCommerce brand further, videos such as scaling google shopping ads, scaling google search ads, performance max campaigns, optimizing performance max campaigns. And many more. And in reality, it doesn’t matter whether you run a Shopify store, Wix eCommerce brand, Woo Commerce store, Magento, Big commerce, or anything else. All of the Google ads and PPC techniques still apply to your eCommerce brand. What kind of other Google ads related videos should I create? I’m always open to ideas so please comment what you think down below. Recently, I’ve been making videos on how to properly optimize your Google Merchant center and the Google Ads Feed for more sales. Because I run a eCommerce Google Ads agency called Yoru Marketing, I’m always looking to add more Google ads case studies and videos such as “How I did $100k/d with Google Ads”. If you have more ideas, please do comment as I love responding and engaging with them.


About this channel: My name is Shri Kanase and I’m the founder of Yoru Marketing, the BEST Google Ads agency for eCommerce brands. My channel consists of all educational content related to running Google ads for your eCommerce brands. While many of these videos are advanced strategies and related to those eCommerce store owners looking to scale, it can help you in any part of the journey. So if you’re looking to increase sales for your eCommerce brand or find how to run PPC campaigns better, subscribe to my channel! #ecommerce #googleads #shopify