Ever wonder how the operator in your smartphone works? Well in this video we explore the primary processor or the System on a Chip or SoC which is essentially the brain of your smartphone. We’ll explore the different sections of the SoC and then see how data moves around. Next, we’ll explore what happens when you take a picture, and how the SoC processes this data. Following that, we’ll take a look at the CPU section, and finally, we’ll see how these SoC are designed and manufactured.

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Script, Modelling, Animation, Editing- Teddy Tablante
Twitter: @teddytablante
Voice Over- Phil Lee

Table of Contents:
00:00 – The Magic of the SoC
01:13 – Layout of this Episode
02:07 – Notes & Details of the SoC
05:15 – All the Sections of the System on a Chip
08:47 – Processing an Image on the SoC
15:54 – Thank you Gerber Labs
16:40 – Inside the CPU Block
18:59 – Designing and Manufacturing the System on a Chip
22:41 – What it looks like form a nanoscopic view
23:38 – Wrap-up

Key Branches from this video are: Microchips, CPUs, Integrated Circuits,

12:10 – Enligsh should be English! Ugh such a blunder. Maybe it’s a test to see who reads the footnotes. And then another test to see who reads the erratum…

Animation built using Blender 2.90.1 https://www.blender.org/
Post with Adobe Premiere Pro

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