Since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, many US investors are moving money into a Swiss Bank Account.
In a money-printing world, with unpredictable governments, very low-capitalized banks and rapacious tax authorities smart US investors have executed their offshore plan B.

They moved their assets into a Swiss bank account.
They disconnected their assets from the influence of their government and his courtrooms.

My US clients always ask me the same question:
How safe is my money in my Swiss bank account from US court cases or foreign judgments in general?
Can US Court Cases, US judgments, US court orders or any other foreign judgement crack my Swiss bank account?

Here is the answer. For accessing your money in your Swiss bank account,
your creditor must have the American Judgement, No 1, RECOGNIZED, and No 2, ENFORCED in Switzerland, by a Swiss court.

This video explains how it works. At the end of the video, there is a bonus tip.

I will show you a very simple way that recognition and enforcement of US judgments in Switzerland

Never before, I used technical legal language. This is the first video with legal language.
Normally, I use simple words to explain complex situations.
This video is not that easy to fully understand but you should invest the time to understand the content.

00:00 Introduction
00:26 Disconnect your assets from the influence of your government and its courtrooms
00:45 Can US court cases or court orders crack a Swiss bank account?
00:12 An offshore bank account in Switzerland is the first step of an offshore plan B
02:28 Reasons for asset protection: frivolous lawsuits, creditors, divorce
02:54 Best asset protection tools are the Cook Islands Trust and Panama Foundation
03:37 The transfer to the trust has to be done before something bad happens
04:02 The Cook Islands trust will become an invulnerable fortress only 2 years after the transfer
04:41 The Cook Islands trust is court-tested. It has a proven track record that it protects assets
05:36 Asset protection trusts must be created before something bad happens
06:10 Swiss banks without a physical presence in the US should be privileged
06:36 There is no beneficial owner register in Switzerland
06:59 Switzerland offers the highest degree of privacy
08:00 Banking jurisdictions with low regulation are so-called Wild-west baking jurisdictions
10:54 An attachment is a Swiss court order freezing the assets
12:05 Creditors have no chance of finding out the Swiss bank account number
12:37 If the account is owned by an offshore company there is no chance for an attachment
13:54 Creditors have many hurdles to surmount
15:11 Cracking a Swiss bank account is nearly impossible

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