If you are interested in a lawsuit cash advance, you might be wondering how much cash can you get? Watch this video to learn how we can get you money quick.

A man going home in his work truck one day decides to stop off for a few drinks before heading home. He ends up having a few drinks and then getting back behind the wheel of the car, even though he was drunk. He ends up plowing into a woman on the crosswalk, that had the right of way, and seriously injures her. Now that client is in the hospital and she’s wondering how she’s going to pay her bills, keep a roof over her head, and be able to support her family. She called our company to find out how much money she can get based on her claim. There is no limit as to how much you can get. Those answers are all based on the needs of the case and the relative value of the case. Once there’s value to the claim, we will know how much we can advance to a client. If you’re in this type of situation and you don’t know what you’re going to need to pay your bills or how much you’re going to need, please call us and we can help you try to figure that out and see if we can help you with some personal injury funding.

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