How long does a car accident settlement take?

Car Accident

Hello of everybody out there in social media land, it’s your personal injury and family law attorney, Derek Bernstein here to answer another legal question. Today, the legal question is how long does a car accident settlement take? Ooh, that’s a loaded question there, but when I get all the time. And so how long does it take? It depends. So it’s going to depend mainly on a couple things. One is going to be, how hurt are you? So how hurt are you? If you just got a bruise on your arm might not take that long? If your right arm is severed off and you need 10 surgeries could take a lot longer? So that’s a big one. How hurt are you?

Number two is going to be, what is the insurance coverage of the person who actually injured you? So if we’re talking about a case where the maximum value of insurance money is 10,000, and then it depends on how you were hurt, 10,000, about four to six months is probably what I would be looking at of how it should take if you do not need to file a lawsuit. Now, if it’s larger, 100,000, 200,000, 500,000, million dollars, and you’re really hurt and you need surgeries, then it really depends too, is how long it takes you to recover? How long it takes you to recover, not fully, but to get to a point where we can give an estimation of what your future medicals are going be for your permanent injury.

So those things can take a long time if you do have severe injuries and there is a lot of money at play, it can be something that can take two years, three years, four years. I’ve seen it happen, especially if it’s in litigation so it really is dependent on you. Damages, how long it takes you to heal, what kind of money we’re looking at. So it’s very important in your case to have a conversation with your attorney early on and say, what are we looking at here? And as you go along, ask for updates. So if you have any other questions on personal injury, car crashes, things like that, you know how to find me, 844-lawbear,, Facebook, Instagram, you know how to get a hold of me, click like and subscribe, share this with your friends so they can be more knowledgeable and stop asking me so many questions. So keep them coming guys and appreciate it and have a good day.