How Killer Mike’s Greenwood Bank Will Transform Banking For Minorities

Greenwood Bank is a popular topic in certain circles. After recent events, there has been a rise in interest in black-owned banks and building black wealth in general. In fact, there’s an entire Bank black USA movement that’s starting to form around Greenwood Bank and the potential of other banks like it.

Greenwood Bank if founded by Killer Mike and Ryan Glover. It’s named after the Greenwood district in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The bank goes by a few different names in popular culture such as Killer Mike Bank, Bank Greenwood, Greenwood digital bank, and Greenwood Financial.

Welcome to Smart Money – Personal Finance! Today we end our black financial history month coverage by discussing Greenwood Financial. Some people are looking for Greenwood Bank Stock, but that doesn’t exist at this time. Greenwood is described as a “neobank”. We’ll go into the neobank definition in this video, as well as other bank black principles. And as always, it will be explained simply just how you like it in 2021.

0:00 – Hook
0:31 – Intro
1:46 – How is Greenwood Financial Different?
3:14 – What is Neobanking?
4:18 – The Reason For Greenwood Bank
5:46 – How Does Greenwood Work?
7:26 – Greenwood Digital Bank Is For Everyone

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