Here’s my method for filming the dental procedure videos which have gone viral on my channel.

In the video, you’ll see how I employ the Canon EOS R3 and Global A6 Dental Microscope to create a dental movie making beast of a rig… a rig capable of capturing the best image quality effectively without record limits for long procedures.

If you’re in Southern or Central Alberta and you’d like dental microscope training, email me at and we can get in touch. I do not respond to other dental questions at this address.

MY FAVOURITE GEAR (these are NOT affiliate links – I don’t receive ANY money for you clicking on them 🙂 )
MICROSCOPE: Global A6 – – built like a tank and made to last a career. Highly recommend.

CURING LIGHT: Valo Light –… Also built like a tank. My assistant dropped our Valo light so many times and it doesn’t miss a beat.

COMPOSITE: Filtek Supreme Ultra –…

RUBBER DAM: Hedy Non-Latex Rubber Dams – sold through many different suppliers. They are amazing, feel like latex (even though they’re note), and very resistant to tearing.

CAMERA: Canon EOS R3 – no half hour record limit, and absolutely stunning image quality for both photo and video. Lots of vendors out there – B and H, Adorama, Vistek (in Canada)