invest in the House of HDFC:

Hdfc is one of the most extraordinary players in the Indian baking industry!! 
What started as an ordinary bank with a handful of visionary and ambitious bankers has now turned into the largest and perhaps the most powerful private sector entity in the Indian banking space! 
and if you look at the stock price of Hdfc, In the past 21 years, it has shot up by 8880% going from just 17.86Rs in Jan 2000 to 1479Rs today! and what is mind-blowing is that this return rate in the past 20 years is more than the stock returns of Reliance, Microsoft and even Amazon! 
Infact even in the past 10 years, the revenue of the company has shot up by 350% going from 34,185cr in 2012 to 1,55,885cr in 2021
and the income has shot up by 500% during the same time.
The question is How did HDFC become such a powerful entity in Indian Banking?
How did it break the monopolies of the nationalized banks in India?
and what are the business strategy lessons that we need to learn from the legendary leaders of HDFC bank? This video discusses these pointers in indepth

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