Ep. 162 – If you’re like me when I first got started in web design, the term SEO was daunting and terrifying to say the least. I thought learning SEO was like entering into a scientific program. Add on top of that the fact that Google constantly releases algorithm updates which can change things up and it makes sense why SEO was the last thing I learned in my web design career.

But here’s the good news; SEO is actually not that complicated. In fact, the basics are VERY EASY to understand and to implement to start getting good results. Every guest I’ve had on the podcast to date who has been in the SEO game has reassured me of this and this interview is no different.

In this podcast episode, author of the book “Link Building Mastery” and link building agency owner, Julian Goldie, shares his top tips as an SEO industry expert on Google Algorithm Updates and how to keep your SEO strategy up to date.

Not only do we cover how to adjust your SEO strategy with algorithm updates (or if you even need to make changes) but we also dive into many other basic and fundamental SEO principles to help you get better rankings for both you and for your clients.

I don’t have many regrets in my journey, but one is not learning the basics of SEO sooner. It’s so important and this episode will help give you some confidence.


In This Episode

00:00 – Introduction
04:06 – Greeting to Julian
06:16 – What algorithms change
08:12 – Updates from 2021
13:42 – Blackhat and Whitehat
18:28 – Google list of guidelines
20:56 – When Google updates
24:30 – Best practices for SEO
29:50 – Why Google doesn’t like SEO
35:09 – Protect from penalties
39:59 – Can Google be wrong?
43:30 – How much to customize
48:10 – What ranks quickly?
53:36 – The future of Google updates

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