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How does Google Shopping work? In this video, you’re going to learn how Google Shopping ads actually work, and I’ll show you how to game the system and play it to your advantage.

It all goes down to optimizations. This is an edge that most people do not have. When you optimize your Google Shopping campaigns (the right way) and you compete against your competitors, you can win.

But first, you need to understand these:
– How Google Shopping works
– The Google Auction
– The Google Shopping Algorithm
– The Setup of Google Shopping

What is Google Shopping? How does it work?

Shopping Ads show the name of your product, your product image, the price, and even reviews too.

Once users click on your ad, it takes them directly to the product page of your ecommerce store where they can then purchase the product.

The way Google Shopping ads are designed means that a customer clicking on them already has a pretty good idea of what the product is and so they have a higher chance of buying.

This is why the conversion rates we see for Google Shopping Ads are generally higher than regular search ads for ecommerce stores.

What is the Google Auction?

Every time someone searches, Google runs an auction to decide who gets what position in the results, and how much each person will pay.

The higher the position, the more traffic you can get because people click the top positions more often than the lower positions.

But, to get the higher position, you might have to bid more to get it.

This is why we want to balance the amount we bid so that we don’t bid too low and not get many clicks, which means fewer sales. And too high, which means we get a lot of sales but make no profits because our costs are too high.

What is the Google Shopping algorithm?

Google Shopping operates similarly to Facebook Pixel. When you start your Google Shopping campaigns, Google starts showing your products to a few people, watching who views, clicks, and converts on your ads.

Google is constantly trying to figure out who your best customers are. Similar to Facebook tracking Google has Google Analytics installed on over 30 million websites so they’re able to build customer profiles on everyone using their search network.

This helps them show your products to people more likely to buy from you, and this improves over time.

Our job, while this is happening, is to direct that algorithm in the right direction by managing the bids, improving the product feed, and adding negative keywords.

The Setup of Google Shopping

This video is part of our Free Google Shopping ads course where you’ll learn how to do everything from the product feed, to showing your Shopping ads on the Google results.

There are many parts that go into getting your Google Shopping Ads live so people can see them, click them, and visit your website.

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