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In this episode of Clickx White Label Agency FAQs, we are answering a very popular question we often get from the companies that are considering becoming our partners: How do we respond to Google algorithm updates? Let’s dive in!

Here at Clickx, we’re on the white-hat side of things, and whatever we do, we are always aiming at long-term sustainable results. We don’t go for the quick wins and we always warn our clients that quick wins will get them in trouble.

We respond to algorithm updates by understanding what Google is really looking for. Every update is different, but at the end of the day, it’s always about quality over quantity.

Optimizing for algorithm updates is tricky because oftentimes, the companies wait till the last minute and only start making changes when all the rankings and traffic are already lost. Here at Clickx, our goal is to be ahead of what Google is telling us to do because it’s always best for your website if you are proactive, not reactive.

Whatever SEO-related issues you have on your site, our advice is to fix them as soon as possible because the next update can hit you pretty hard. So we always encourage our clients to ask themselves what they can do today so that they won’t get affected as much by the algorithm update tomorrow.

Clickx team is all about educating our customers to make sure that they are going to stay on the cutting edge for the long term. So if things are changing, we want to do everything possible to make it work. And we don’t just fix it, we monitor updates to ensure that the traffic is only increasing.

A lot of time is invested into looking at things, coming up with a strategy and tactics that you can do today in your SEO so that you can prevent getting a slap from Google on the next update.

I hope this video brings you value. If you have any other SEO-related questions, schedule a call with one of our consultants. The calendar is right here on this page.