John Kelly is a Phoenix car accident lawyer. In this Google Hangout on Air he provides advice on what to look for when attempting to find and hire the best car accident attorney. If you have been in an auto accident and need an attorney, please feel free to call our offices at 602-283-4122 for a free consultation or visit us online at

Tip 1: Make sure the attorneys primary business is personal injury.

Tip 2: Research online reviews.

Tip 3: Ask if he or she will be the one actually working with you on their case.

Tip 4: Before hiring, sit down and talk to the attorney.

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– We’re with John Kelly. John Kelly is a personal injury attorney in Phoenix, Arizona. He’s agreed to an answer online that was posted and the question was, John, how do you find the best car accident attorney? Okay, thanks, Ryan. It was an online question that was posted. I actually have four tips for people when they’re trying to find the best car accident attorney in Phoenix. The first tip is to make sure that the attorney’s primary area of law is personal injury. So when people are looking around, they’ll find that a lot of attorneys practice a lot of different areas. And if you find attorney that primarily does, you know, family law, or they’re a transactional contract attorney, but they kinda do it on the side, a little bit of personal injury, and you can ask the attorney directly what percentage of your case load is personal injury work. But the goal is to find someone that really focuses on that area because they’re gonna actually have the, you know, continuing legal education in that area, they’ll get their, you know, updates on the law in that area, and they’ll just have their caseload set up to do better in these types of cases. The second tip that I have is to make that you research the attorney sufficiently. And the good news about the internet now is that people can research online and it’s very easy. People can go start with reviews on Google and just go Yelp, go to Avvo, A-V-V-O, and really look at the reviews and see if you think they seem like clients that were actually working with this attorney that had good things to say with them. You know, if it’s just a review that says great attorney, loved him, you know, loved him or her, it’s probably, you probably wanna find the reviews that have some details in them that actually tells you a little bit about them. So once you find that attorney, there’s a lot of good attorneys out there. There’s a lot of good attorneys that have good reviews, and so it’s just something that you wanna find someone that you work well with. That’s kinda tip three is to actually make sure that the lawyer you find is actually gonna work with you on your case. So a lot of firms are bigger firms that kinda have it set up where you may have a paralegal doing the intake, or maybe you have the attorney do the intake, but that’s the last you’ll ever see or hear from them. You know, so you wanna ask if, okay, am I gonna have your email address? Can I call you up and ask you questions? Are you gonna actually be dealing with the insurance company directly or is it all gonna be, you know, farmed out to someone else? So those are legitimate questions that you could have for the lawyer, and then you can get an idea of their personality. And that’s the tip number four that I have, which is probably the most important one, is to set up a phone consultation, or even better yet, go into their office, sit down with them. Learn about their practice. Show them your case, what it would entail. Ask them what their thoughts are on it. Get a feel for their personality, for their work ethic, for how they’re gonna be handling your case specifically. And, you know, maybe set up two or three of your top attorneys and go to them on a day and then pick which one you like the best. So those are my tips for finding the best Phoenix car accident attorney. If you have any questions about any of this, I’m happy to speak with you. Give my office a call. It’s Kelly Law Team. The number is 602-283-4122. Thank you.