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Get world class affordable dental care in Thailand.
You can send photographs of your teeth, any dental x-rays or CT scans that you have, treatment plan from your local dentist to dentavacation by e-mail for a consultation before you travel. You will find how to send the pictures across

How to share Dental X-rays and Photographs?

Here is what you will know in this video ” A dental trip to Thailand could help you save 60 % – 80% of the treatment costs.
While the average cost of a dental implant including a crown is $1,500 in Thailand, procedures like dental crowns alone are about $250 to $500 per tooth, which require a short trip of 3-4 days.
Choose a dental office based on factors like ease of travel, clinic reputation, potential savings, and tourist attractions.
Get quality services from highly qualified dentists, recognized with the Dental Council of Thailand. Our team includes dentists who have extensive training from Thai & leading international dental Universities, like College of Dentistry New York University.
Weather is great in Thailand. You can expect tropical temperatures ranging between 18°C to 38°C, all through the year. Do not pack winter clothes unless you plan to explore Chiang Mai where the temperature may fall as low as 4 °C. December is the coldest while April is the hottest month. Be sure to carry rain gear if you are traveling from July to October.
Get the Hollywood smile in our state of art dental clinics, while exploring Bangkok. “