This Video is about the Google Algorithm Ranking Factors, explained
This section will provide a detailed explanation about each one of the main ranking factors of Google’s 2022 algorithm for search.

Consistently published of engaging Content
Four years have passed since content that is engaging has surpassed backlinks to become the primary element in Google’s search algorithm and, while content remained its position in the algorithm until 2022, backlinks decreased.

Keywords used in Meta Title Tags
The inclusion of the keywords your site is aiming at in its meta-title tag was crucial to rank since the end of the 1990s. Although this is apparent to anyone who is an professional SEO marketing professional, keyword strategy is an extremely intellectual endeavor which can take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes for each page.

Backlinks were the initial foundation of Google’s algorithm, explained in the research paper that established Google. But in the year 2018, they started losing ground to two of the factors that were mentioned earlier: Consistent Publication Engaging Content as well as Keywords within Meta Title Tags.

Niche Expertise
In the middle of 2017, Google began favoring websites that it believes are niche experts. In this sense”niche expert” is having a group of at least 10 highly credible pages that revolve in the direction of the “hub” keyword.

Internal Links
Google has placed more importance on this aspect and it is frequently mentioned in conjunction with hubs in the year 2017.

Mobile-Friendly Website / Mobile-First Website
If you’re hoping to get people by 2022, your website must be simple to navigate on tablets and mobile phones.

User Engagement
The most significant change in Google’s algorithm over the last five years has been the increase in value in User Engagement, which was included in the ranking algorithm in the year 2016.

Engagement of users is correlated to the top overall factor, Consistently publication of engaging content. Engagement, which is comprised of bounce rate and time on page and the number of pages per session, is a reliable measure of the quality of the content.

Page Speed
Google is always strived to put the experience of its users over everything other factors, and that is why it has invested in thousands of datacenters throughout the globe so that it can deliver results from search engines in milliseconds.

SSL Certificate
Since the internet has become more integral to our lives the hackers have become sophisticated. Google’s biggest problem is providing websites that harm the users who use it.

Schema Markup/ Structured Data
Modernized versions of schema markup, also known as meta tags is a code you can include on your site’s pages to assist Google provide more visually appealing search results like fragments.

Keywords within URL
An old-fashioned SEO technique in the 2000s, including the keyword(s) you’re targeting into the URL of your website is still an excellent method, even though its importance on the algorithms is minuscule.

Keywords within Header Tags
Incorporating keywords into a page’s H1 or H2 tags is a good practice that will make a slight impact on a page’s search capacity. It’s not a good idea to overdo it but it’s something you should keep in your mind.

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