– This week we learned that Google launched its subtopics ranking systems back in mid-November, which aligned to a few unconfirmed Google updates. Google may have pushed out a small Google ranking algorithm update on January 12th or so. Google published a new research paper a few months ago named SMITH, Google said they are not using it in production search – yet. Google Search Console launched a new performance report for Google News. Google’s index coverage report now shows more specific errors. Google is now showing multiple referring pages in the URL inspection tool. Google is sending out notifications about crawling over HTTP/2 via Search Console. Google is also sending notifications pushing users to verify their sites using domain properties via Search Console. Google is removing the old disavow link tool on January 19th. Google may not launch the page experience update label in the search results. Google’s John Mueller explained why sites that do some bad SEO practices can still rank well. Google sometimes and sometimes does not count links that are noindexed. Google might have a canonical bug showing mirror sites. Google is testing a new design for mobile sitelinks. Google posted a video on managing site traffic fluctuations. Google is planning new virtual events and conferences for 2021. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:01 – Google Confirmed Launching Subtopics Ranking In Mid-November 2020 :
2:20 – Small Google Algorithm Update Around January 12, 2021? :
2:49 – No, Google SMITH Algorithm Is Not Live :
4:28 – Google Search Console Google News Performance Report :
5:24 – Google Index Coverage Report Updated With More Specific Categories :
6:03 – Google URL Inspection Tool Now Displays Multiple Referring Pages :
6:44 – Google Search Console Notification For Google Will Start Crawling Over HTTP/2 :
7:21 – Google Marketing Search Console Owners To Verify Via Domain Property :
8:10 – Old Google Disavow Tool Going Away On January 19, 2021 :
8:36 – Google Might Not Launch The Page Experience & Core Web Vitals Label/Icon In Search :
8:53 – Google Explains Why Sites With Some SEO Bad Practices Rank Well :
9:33 – Google Counts Links On Noindexed Pages? It Depends. :
10:37 – Google Search Copied Content Mirror Site Canonical Bug :
11:16 – Google Tests New Design For Sitelinks On Mobile :
11:31 – Google Video On Traffic Fluctuations :
11:59 – Google Search Planning New Virtual Events & Conferences For 2021 :
12:27 – Conclusion