This week, we almost made it without reporting on a Google search ranking update but we did have one, maybe on October 26th. There is confusion around Google’s continuous scroll and the impact it has on Search Console reporting. Google said when it comes to web search, images on your pages really don’t matter. Google Search Console API now supports Discover and News data and also Regex controls. Google said it does not hard code categories of sites into the YMYL algorithm. Google said trust is not just a matter of the links pointing to your site. Google said when it comes to author bylines, don’t use “admin” or “author.” Google does not classify sites based on the technology platform of infrastructure it uses. Google’s John Mueller dropped some knowledge on reducing duplication by a factor of 10 times. Google said it might be a good idea to have an “often updated” XML sitemap for some URLS. Google updated its Merchant Center unique product identifier enforcement to make it less severe. SEOs are split on if they do SEO that might be considered black hat SEO. Links were voted the most challenging area of SEO. Google now lets you remove images of minors with a new tool and policy. Google Ads has new code to help you with the three strikes and you’re out policy, called Google Bowling. Microsoft Advertising partnered with Spotify and Google Ads partnered with BigCommerce. Google Ads app campaigns no longer need deep links. Brave Search said they use click data for search ranking purposes. Google and Microsoft reported earnings and they both are up over 40%. Attorneys General Paxton’s claims against Google were unredacted and the SEO community went nuts with what they saw. Facebook announced its new company name – Meta.

0:00 – Introduction
1:00 – Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update On October 26th :
1:43 – Google Continuous Scroll Has No Impact On Search Console Reports :
2:28 – Google: We Don’t Care About The Image For Web Search :
2:52 – Google Search Console API Gains Discover & Google News Data With Regex Support :
3:26 – Google: We Don’t Hard Code YMYL Categories Into Our Algorithm :
4:14 – Google: Trust Is Not A Matter Of Just Links Pointing To A Site :
4:33 – Google: Using Admin Or Author For Author Name On Articles :
4:51 – Google: We Don’t Classify Sites By Technology Platform Or Infrastructure :
5:11 – Google On How To Reduce Duplication By A Factor Of 10X :
6:05 – Google: An Often Updated Sitemap Might Be A Good Idea :
6:23 – Google Merchant Center Unique Product Identifier Limited Enforcement :
7:01 – Poll: SEOs Split On Doing Black Hat SEO :
7:27 – Survey Says: Links The Most Challenging Area Of SEO :
8:24 – Google Lets You Remove Images Of Minors From Search With New Tool & Policy :
8:44 – Google Ads 3 Strike Bowling Automation For Removing Violating Ads :
9:12 – Microsoft Advertising Partners With Shopify & Google Ads Partners With BigCommerce :
9:26 – Google Ads App Campaigns Don’t Require Deep Linking :
9:38 – Brave Search Uses Click Data In Search Ranking Algorithm :
10:10 – Google Ads Earnings & Microsoft Bing Ads Earnings Both Up Over 40% :
10:26 – Google Says Non-AMP Page Throttling & Other AG Paxton’s Claims Baseless :
11:24 – Google Search Handled Facebook Name Change To Meta :
11:38 – Conclusion