Google Rank brain will change everything how you have been doing SEO and digital marketing.Google has multiple updates in form of algorithms like Google Panda, Google Hummingbird and Google Penguin. One of the most popular in todays’ SEO is Google Rankbrain algorithm. Google Rankbrain algorithm is based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Google rank brain algorithm is all about the quality of content and the titles you craft.
How well are you able to attract clicks?
How well is your content able to attract and engage your visitors?
How much time your visitors spend time?
And all these things are tracked and monitored by Google’s Artificial intelligence and machine learning mechanism.
You have to ensure that your webpage has sufficient audio and video content to keep your visitors engage. You need to go ahead with nice UX and UI for the visitors have a soothing time on your website.
The video is all about three important rules for Google’s rankbrain algorithm for 2019 and 2018 and will help you to draw more clicks and take your website to the top of Google Search Engine
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