Google October Algorithm Update, GoogleBot’s New Name, Search Console Changes & More – This week we covered a new unconfirmed Google algorithm update that touched down on October 3rd. Google announced a new user agent name for GoogleBot launching in December. Google added the change of address tool to the new Google Search Console. Google is investigating a spike in searches for loans last month. Google Search Console’s link report might be buggy. Google said HTML sitemaps are not worthwhile for SEO and said H1 tags don’t help with search rankings. Google does not plan on penalizing sites without physical addresses. Google said optimizing for RankBrain is the same as optimizing for users. Google said do not launch new sites with m-dot URLs. Google is testing a new interface for some featured snippet image carousels. Google said large sites should not use the crawl rate setting. Google now lets unverified businesses make edits to their business listings. Google Ads allows cross account analysis within the Google Ads interface. Google Ads upgraded the recommendations feature. Google Search is testing a new side bar filer option. Google is hosting a webmaster conference at their GooglePlex office. Did you miss the Russ Jones vlog on DA and Moz? Thank you to RankRanger for sponsoring this video and make sure to subscribe on YouTube. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.


00:37 – Possible Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update On October 3rd :
1:37 – Google To Rename GoogleBot With Dynamic User Agent :
3:01 – Google Migrates Change Of Address Tool To New Google Search Console :
3:24 – Google Is Investigating Spike In Impressions & Queries :
3:48 – Google Search Console Link Counts Drops – Cut In Half :
4:30 Google: HTML Sitemaps Not Worthwhile For SEO Purposes :
5:25 Google: H1 Tags Are Not Critical For Search Ranking :
5:58 Timely: Google Posts H1 Tag Video After H1 SEO Controversy :
6:40 – Google: No Plans To Penalize Sites Without Mailing Addresses :
7:12 – Google: Optimizing For RankBrain Is The Same As Optimizing For Users :
7:35 – Google’s John Mueller: I Strongly Recommend New Sites Not Use M-Dot URLs :
7:50 – Google Featured Snippet Image Carousel To Show More Results :
8:13 – Google: Large Sites Should Not Use The Google Crawl Setting :
8:41 – You Can Now Edit Google Maps Business Listings When Unverified :
9:02 – Google Ads Browser-Based Report Editor Cross-Account Analysis :
9:19 – Google Ads Recommendations Get Upgraded :
9:44 – Google Search Tests Side Bar Filters New Design :
10:08 – Google Webmaster Conference At The GooglePlex :
10:48 – Vlog #18: Russ Jones On (DA) Domain Authority & What’s Next For Moz: