Google previews the new MUM algorithm update. Mum stands for Multitask Unified Modal (mum).

Google demoed this on stage during an I/O conference.

It’s 1000 times more power than BERT.

Although no public rollout date was announced, it’s easy to speculate about its future in search.

Well, if you’ve been following Zima Media, it’s the past. We have been informing our clients about advances in Artificial Intelligence since 2014.

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MUM can work in 75 languages, and it understands and generates language as we saw with OPEN AI GPT-3.

The breakthrough comes with understanding different mediums of digital content.

For years, the limitations to succeeding on Google have been primarily limited to the text on your website.

We have been preparing for AI-driven algorithmic rankings, and we saw advancements in 2018 with E-A-T.

We were stunned with the results of producing content with a high E-A-T score; we even discontinued most backlink buildings.

Content is the biggest differentiator in your niche, and now that applies to every medium of content Google can index.

Mum will process images, text, and videos as we have covered in previous videos.

Since MUM is a “multi-modal,” Google can start combining text, images, and videos in Search Result pages.

Imagine getting a curated list of search results like a Pinterest board?
Elaborate pieces of information coming together to answer complex questions and situations.

We will closely watch MUM as we could anticipate this updating launching in installments over the next several months.

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