– This week in search was pretty busy. First, we learn the mobile friendly Google algorithm has fully rolled out but based on our polls, webmasters don’t feel it was that significant. Google may have done two updates to their desktop algorithms. Google News may have updated their algorithm as well. Bing is now offering full form answers in the search results. Google says they are still working on deprecating the AJAX escape fragment feature. Google wants feedback on how to improve search for videos. Google Maps Classic is going away, users are so upset to be forced to the Google Maps Lite version. Google custom voice actions for Google Now, Okay Google, has gone live. Google tests two new mobile user interface changes, centering the logo and colored dots. Google Image search is a bit blurry for some images. Google said the AdWords quality score is unaffected by that new mobile friendly algorithm. Google AdSense publishers use Google’s earnings release to show decline in publisher payments. Google AdSense is dropping their old payment transaction history screen. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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