– Very busy week in search with Google, specifically they announced that on April 21st they will be releasing their mobile-friendly ranking algorithm for the mobile search results. They also released yesterday a ranking factor for App Indexing. Google’s Panda update turned four years old this week. Google is testing another search quality update in my opinion. Google is testing showing a “slow” label in the mobile search results, this is wild. Google warns searchers before they go to sites that have unwanted downloads. Google is offering some one-on-one support for webmasters with hacked sites. Google said they are going to update their link schemes guidelines. Google News says use the Standout Tag often for third-parties. You have to watch this webmaster give it to Google over the algorithm not working. Google Play is testing search ads. Google AdWords launched call only ads. Bing Ads now launched their AdWords importing globally. Google is testing Googley colored mobile results. Google search auto completions shows entity data. Google has upgraded the photos section of Google My Business. They also have added a required primary category field. Google is testing live chat functions in the search results for local businesses. Google is testing new AdSense ad designs. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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