– This week was pretty hectic in the search world. Google announced they are beginning to roll out the mobile first indexing process, although I don’t think it rolled out yet. Google may have done large algorithm and ranking updates in search around March 23rd and March 28th, both likely unrelated to the mobile-first indexing rollout. SEOs are complaining about new URLs not being indexed but John Mueller of Google said all is working as expected. Google submit URL feature seems to be working again. Google said there is no reset button for a site that has a penalty. Google needs to write up guidelines around A/B testing and search. Bing added new intelligent search features. Google added in-line lyric translation in search. Google is testing expandable sitelinks with snippets. Google is showing top stories summaries. Google Partner Search is going away, as are other Google Partner features. Google announced the new keyword planner look and feel. Google emailed everyone about their responsibilities with GDPR. Google launched a new air quality search box that smells off. Google Posts is testing a new look. And the search community honored Nancy McDonald, Rob Bucci, Bartosz Goralewicz, Topher Kohan and Alexis Sanders this week. That was the past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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