– This week, I covered the big monthly Google webmaster report. Also, Google told us the meta descriptions HTML improvements section in Google Search Console will go away. Google has killed off more Google News publisher features. Google said algorithm updates impact sites differently than technical SEO changes. Yoast had a bug that may or may not have impacted your Google rankings, there is a big debate going on about that now. Google sometimes will pick the wrong dates to show in the snippets. Google said regular crawling is not necessary for ranking. Google site command may show Google definitions and knowledge panels. Google Search Console data for job posting analytics will pull from web light now. Google said changing the order of the words in your title tags shouldn’t impact your SEO. Google My Business launched the Agency dashboard this week. Google Posts added offers and products to their options, products shows in its own tab in search. Google is testing new views for those Google Posts. Google Posts for the Stanley Cup were super interactive. Google is testing video carousels in desktop search again. Google Maps Timeline data is missing for a lot of users. Google AdWords has a new add-on for Google Sheets. Bing Ads is disallowing recreational gun ads and gun accessory adds. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

April 2018 Google Webmaster Report :
Google Search Console Meta Descriptions HTML Improvements May Go Away :
Google News Confirms Killing Off Several Publisher Features :
Google: Algorithm Updates Impact Sites Quickly, Technical Changes Take A While To Impact A Site :
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Google Site Command Searches Return Definitions & Knowledge Panels :
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Google: Changing Word Order In Title Tags Shouldn’t Impact SEO :
Google My Business Agency Dashboard Now Live :
Google Posts Adds Product & Offer Options :
Google Posts For Products Has Its Own Tab :
Google Tests New User Interface In Search For Google Posts :
Google Posts Interactive Stories For Stanley Cup :
Google Tests Video Carousels In Desktop Search Results Again :
Google Maps Timeline Data Disappears :
New Google AdWords Add-On For Google Sheets :
Bing Ads To Disallow Recreational Guns & Gun Accessories: