– This week, the biggest SEO news is that Google pushed out a major local search algorithm change last night that seems to impact most businesses, I share more details on what is new with the local algorithm. With Matt Cutts out, who do we blame for Google updates? Google issued a manual action for a site that had links from Moz. John Mueller of Google said the knowledge graph should not have branded sources. Google also offered advice on duplicate content issues. A French court fined a blogger for ranking too well in Google, but it back fired. Now that we have clients requested negative SEO services, we have even more of an issue. Google Maps updated their interface to show a scroll bar in the search results, and they now have ads. Google AdWords launched dynamic sitelinks. Google Analytics added a new report for display targeting and launched an iOS app for users. There also seems to be a bug with direct traffic sourced from IE7 users. Plus, check out the photobomb with Hillary Clinton and Googlers. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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