– My normal camera is still being fixed so I am still using my iPhone, if you like it better, do let me know in the comments. There was a possible unconfirmed Google search ranking update on Thursday, June 18th. Google doubled down on their policy of guest posts should have links nofollowed. Google talked a bit more about what changes might happen in search with the nofollow hint change. Google said it isn’t new that sites aren’t fully indexed you are just able to better see it in Search Console. Google Page Experience will be using your AMP page, if you have one. Google does support the use of nofollow in HTML link tags. Google said over one million sites are already using the rel sponsored attribute. Google’s Martin Splitt talked about if sites should break up their JavaScript files into smaller chunks or not. Google might have issues indexing some Disqus comments, Google is looking into it. Google Merchant Center rendering is different than others and they have a new product data specification. Google is fixing a bug where dealerships are outranked by their service centers. Google is now showing the online care icons in the local packs. Google My Business can pull data from Facebook. Google Ads is issuing credits for COVID-19 relief. Google is offering square shared promoted pins in Google Maps. Google Ads can show stats in search. Google Ads has a new click bait ad policy. Google Search is testing search suggestions as you scroll. Google Images is testing a drop down query expander feature. Google has their July Fourth fireworks live now in search. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

(0:25) Google Search Ranking Algorithm Updates Thursday, June 18th :
(0:52) Google Doubles Down On Guest Blog Links: Nofollow Them :
(2:24) Google Nofollow Change Might Be About Fixing Webmaster Mistakes :
(4:17) Google: Sites Noticing Indexing Issues Is Not New; Better Search Console Reporting :
(4:58) The Google Page Experience Scores Will Use AMP Version :
(5:57) Google Does Support Nofollow On HTML Link Tag :
(6:33) Google: One Million Sites Using Rel=Sponsored :
(7:08) Should You Break Up Your CSS & JavaScript Files Into Smaller Chunks? Here Is What Google Said. :
(7:36) Google Having Issues Indexing Disqus Comments? :
(8:16) Google Merchant Center Rendering & Product Data Specification Updates :
(9:03) Google Fixing Bug Where Dealership Service Shops Show Over Main Dealership Local Panel :
(9:44) Google Online Care Icon Added To Local Pack :
(10:03) Google My Business Pulling Data From Facebook :
(10:22) Google Ads Now Issuing COVID-19 Credits :
(10:55) Google Square Promoted Map Pins :
(11:12) Google Ads Stats In Search Results :
(11:36) Google Ads New Clickbait Ads Policy :
(12:01) Google Search Suggestions On Scroll :
(12:17) Google Images Tests Query Expander Drop Down On Image Previews :
(12:33) Google Search Fireworks Show Is Back :