This week we had some fun bugs with both Google Search having some massive indexing issues and Google Ads going offline for a couple of hours. Google has confirmed that they ran a November 2021 local search ranking update between November 30 and December 8th. Next week is Christmas and the Google search ranking volatility is through the roof, in fact, we expect the product reviews update to continue through just before Christmas eve. Google local search results are still fluctuating and also look pretty spammy in some cases. Google launched a new full width autocomplete interface with additional search predictions. Google isa also testing a search interface they are calling “edge to edge” design. Google also is testing additional full width results like image packs, featured snippets and more. Google’s John Mueller provided SEO tips for fixing your Log4j security issues and not ranking issue. Google Ads said it is safe when it comes to the Log4j vulnerabilities. Google said it may finish the mobile first indexing by the first half of 2022. Google Search Console went down for many SEOs yesterday for several hours. Google Search Console mistakenly sent out coverage issue notifications over redirect errors. Google Search Console review snippets report was updated to show fewer objects and more…


0:00 – Introduction
0:58 – Google Seems To Be Not Indexing Or Serving New Content This Morning (Update Confirmed) :
2:02 – Google Ads Console Was Offline For A Couple Of Hours This Morning :
2:21 – Confirmed: Google November 2021 Google Local Search Update :
3:35 – Google Search Ranking Algorithm Tremors Continue & It’s Big :
3:50 – Google Search Ranking Tracking Tools Continue Showing Major Volatility :
4:42 – Google December 2021 Products Reviews Update Will Roll Out Until Right Before Christmas :
5:59 – Google Local Maps Spam Big Cleanup Or Big Mess? :
6:19 – Google Full Width Autocomplete Search Suggestions :
6:49 – Google Search Testing Empty Design Search Box; Called Edge To Edge :
7:10 – Google Search Full Width Image Pack Results Interface Live :
7:41 – Google SEO Tips On Taking A Site Offline To Fix Log4j Security Vulnerability :
8:09 – Google Ads Not Affected By Log4j 2 Vulnerability :
8:33 – Google May Finish Mobile-First Indexing Switch Over By July 2022 :
9:01 – Google Search Console Still Down For Many SEOs :
9:32 – Google Investigating Mass Notices From Search Console Coverage Issue Redirect Errors :
10:02 – Google Search Console Review Snippets Report May Show Fewer Objects :
10:14 – New: Google Analytics 4 Supports Google Search Console Data :
10:31 – Google Business Profile Video Verification Now When You Add A New Profile :
10:53 – Official: Google Now Allows Hotels To Use Google Posts :
11:23 – Google: You Can’t Tell Which SEO Efforts Led To Ranking Success :
11:50 – Google: We Won’t Penalize Your Site For Not Nofollowing Affiliate Links :
12:14 – Bing Tests Translating Your Query :
12:22 – Google AdSense Support Team Going Offline For 18 Days For Holidays :
12:44 – Conclusion