This week, we had a lot of vocality around the Google core update and it has officially completed rolling out yesterday, June 9th – this core update was bigger than most. Google also updated its title link algorithm for multi-language and scripted titles. I posted the monthly Google webmaster report, seems like I forgot to do last month, so it is larger than normal. Google is beta testing the video page indexing report in Google Search Console. Google picks the first HTTP result code when there are two or more. Google said you can restrict your XML sitemaps to just search engines. Google said there is no direct SEO benefit to using a CDN. Google’s John Mueller explained why it doesn’t like some SEO metrics and why some make them cringe. Google Ads API version 11 is now out. Google is expanding the Google Ads verification program for financial services and products in some regions. Google Ads released a number of travel related features. Google Ads expanded text ads won’t let you make new ones or edit old ones. Google Merchant Center to opt you all in for automatic item updates for conditions. There is a spike in complaints around reviews going missing for businesses in Google Local. Google is testing search filters on the left hand side. Google is showing both short videos and visual stories in an accordion. Bing is testing a dedicated Ads tab for some reason. Bing is also testing a visit site button for branded sidebar navigation. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.


0:00 – Introduction
0:55 – Google May 2022 Core Update Done Rolling Out On Day 15 :
2:08 – Google May 2022 Core Update Not Done Yet… :
2:13 – Google May 2022 Core Updates Continue But We’re Probably At The End :
2:29 – Google Title Link Algorithm Update For Multi-Language Or Transliterated Titles :
3:19 – June & May 2022 Google Webmaster Report :
4:01 – Video Page Indexing Report Beta In Google Search Console :
4:36 – Google Picks First HTTP Result Codes When More Than One Is Provided :
5:16 – Google: You Can Restrict XML Sitemaps Access To Search Engines :
5:30 – Google: No Real SEO Benefit To Hosting On A CDN :
5:59 – Why Google Doesn’t Like SEO Metrics – At Least Some… :
6:47 – Google Ads API Version 11 Now Available :
7:27 – Google Expands Verification Program For Financial Services Ads :
7:54 – New Google Ads Travel Features: Business Profile Hotel Rates, Feedless Onboarding & Travel Goals With Performance Max :
8:19 – Google Will Not Let You Create Or Edit Expanded Text Ads Soon :
8:41 – Google Merchant Center To Opt In All To Automatic Item Updates For Condition On June 26th :
8:51 – Business Losing Google Maps Reviews Again :
9:22 – Google Search With Both Short Videos & Visual Stories (Within An Accordion) :
9:40 – Google Tests Search Filters On Left Side Bar :
9:59 – Bing Tests Ads Tab Under Search Bar :
10:20 – Bing Adds Visit Site Button To Branded Sidebar Navigation :
10:32 – Conclusion