– It was a pretty busy week with a confirmed Google core search algorithm update that happened last weekend. I spend significant time discussing the update in this video. I also discuss that Google is showing no search results on the search results page for some queries, how crazy is that. Google Image Search added captions to the image search results, pulled from your title tags. Bing is now showing rich results through JSON-LD markup. Google is setting aggressive limits on the request indexing because of abusers still. Google can and does ignore affiliate links, even from Amazon. Google My Business is once again letting you edit your business description. Google also added a “women-led” attribute to your local business and there is new insights for direction requests. Google AdWords added message reporting and custom columns on the keyword level. Google is testing dropping their logo from the mobile search results page. Also, the search community honored Beau Graves, Eli Schwartz, Greg Gifford, Kirk Williams and Nicky Wake. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Google Algorithm Update Over The Weekend – March 9th, 10th & 11th? :
Google Confirmed Weekend Algorithm Ranking Shift As “Core Update” :
Google Shows Answer Without Any Search Results :
Google Promises To Review Feedback On Zero Results :
Google: Focused Search Updates Daily & Core Updates Every Other Month :
Google Image Search Adds Captions To Search Results From Your Page Titles :
Bing Search Results Now Showing JSON-LD Support :
Google Sets Aggressive Limits On Request Indexing Fetch Tool :
Google Automatically Ignores Many Links Including Amazon Affiliate Links :
You Can Edit Your Business Description In Google My Business, Again… :
Google’s New Icon For Women-Led Businesses In Local Panel :
Google My Business Insights Heatmaps For Directions Now More Useful :
Google AdWords Adds Message Reporting :
Google AdWords Custom Columns On Keyword & Ad Level :
Google Tests Dropping Full Google Logo On Mobile Search Results :
Beau Graves – The Search Community Honors You :
Eli Schwartz – The Search Community Honors You :
Greg Gifford – The Search Community Honors You :
Kirk Williams – The Search Community Honors You :
Nicky Wake – The Search Community Honors You :