– This week in search, we got confirmation about the large Google update from Google as being a broad core update. It started a week ago Monday and seems to have gone on for ten or more days. Google also made changes to autocomplete search predictions, adding that they will remove more predictions if they are hateful. Google said negative SEO via canonical attributes is not a thing. Google was awarded a new patent that is like the PageRank patent, should SEOs care about it? Google seemed to have hijacked the search results page. Google study shows that Google often does not use your meta descriptions. Google says having duplicate meta descriptions is not so bad. Google doesn’t use rel=me microformats. Google is able to figure out page language without hreflang, but is it better to use wrong hreflang than not use it at all? Google says linking to noindexed pages is perfectly okay. Google is testing one line AdWords ads on mobile. Google is showing a photos tab for Android local panels. The search community honored Jason Dodge, Thomas Craver, Rohan Ayyar, Craig Campbell and Kelvin Newman. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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