– This week in search, we covered how we are now told by Google that Penguin 4.0 should launch in weeks time. Google did have another update this weekend but it was not Penguin, it was a core algorithm update. Google explained what core is and why it is so hard for them to confirm some updates. Google said some of the SEO weather report tools pick up on the wrong signals and the tool makers responded to that. Google said the recent reports of spammy and hacked content is unrelated to those updates. Google News may ignore your timestamp in your Sitemap file. Google News publishers don’t get a ranking boost. Google revamped their webmaster portal, it is very pretty. Google Search Console is sending out more notifications via email. Google added AMP error reports to the Search Console. Google said title tags are not a critical ranking signal, as much as body content. Google is testing letting Android users download Android apps directly from the search results page. Google Cache is now HTTPS by default. Google is testing up to 16 Product Listing Ads in the search results. Google does care about webmasters and small businesses, they say. Google’s Gary Illyes doesn’t lie. Google paid Apple $1 billion to be their search partner in iOS. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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