– Firstly, I hope everyone is doing well. There was a possible Google search ranking update this week, it was not confirmed. 58% of SEOs prefer that Google does not do algorithm updates during the coronavirus outbreak. Bing said it will continue to do algorithm updates, as did Google, because they do want to continue to make improvements. Google is no longer showing featured snippets at the top right spot. Google has new event schema for virtual, postponed and cancelled events. Google may make the page speed algorithm more granular, as opposed to just being super slow. Bing said it is best to use 302s for URLs that may change within two days. Google local now shows reviews summaries mentioned by people. Google My Business is using Duplex technology to get the status of business closures. Google Ads has a new ad policy process. Google Ads is restricting some government document and official services. Microsoft Advertising is switching all standard text ads to expanded text ads by the end of this month. The US democratic party symbol was changed from a donkey to a rat on Google for a short period of time. Google has a hand washing Doodle on the site today and yesterday had the Spring Doodle. I posted two vlogs this week, one with Tony Wright and the other with Martha Van Berkel. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Possible Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update This Week (0:35)
60% Of SEOs Prefer If Google Pause Algorithm Updates During COVID-19 Outbreak (1:03)
Bing: We Will Continue To Update & Improve Ranking Models (1:37)
Google Says It Should Continue To Improve The Search Results (1:58)
Google Stops Displaying Almost All Top Right Featured Snippets (2:31)
Google Event Schema For Virtual, Postponed & Canceled Events (2:57)
Google Says More Granular Levels Of Speed May Become A Ranking Factor (3:20)
Bing: Use 302s For URLs That May Change In Two Days, Otherwise Go 301 (3:58)
Google Local Showing Review Mentions By People (4:18)
Google My Business Using Duplex To Call Businesses To See Hour Changes Or Closures (4:39)
Google Ads Has A New Ad Policy Appeal Process (4:59)
Google Ads Restricts Targeting Some Government Documents & Official Services (5:19)
Microsoft Advertising Standard Text Ads To Expanded Text Ads Migration By March 31st (6:00)
US Democratic Party Symbol Was A Rat In Google’s Knowledge Panel (6:13)
Google Handwashing Doodle For Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis Tomorrow (6:33)
Google Spring Season & Fall Doodles 2020 (6:44)
Vlog #54: Tony Wright On SEO Attribution & Online Reputation Management (7:05)
Vlog #55: Martha van Berkel On Structure Data Adoption & How Schema Helps With Google Rankings (7:10)